IOP Conferences

Programme overview

Monday 23 August

09:30Plenary 1: Frederic Quan (President, Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA), USA)  
10:45Nonlinear optics I (QEP)Optical environmental sensing (OPD)Advances in imaging I (OPD)
12:15Lunch Tutorial 1: “Organic Photonics” Donal Bradley (Imperial College, UK)
13:45Quantum dots (QEP)Optical diagnostics in engineering (OPD)Advances in imaging II (OPD)
15:45Structured photonic materials (QEP)Slow light & Nonlinear optics (QEP)Biophotonics I (Joint)
17:30Joint poster session
19:30Civic reception

Detailed programme for Monday 23 August

Tuesday 24 August 

09:00Plenary 2: Nikolay Zheludev (University of Southampton, UK)
10:15Metamaterials & cloaking (QEP)Biophotonics II (Joint)Fibre optics and waveguides I: special fibres and gratings (OPD)ITP1 - Advanced Lighting
12:15Lunch Tutorial 2: “Gentle introduction to cloaking” Allan Boardman (University of Salford, UK)
13:45Nanophotonics & plasmonics I (QEP)Biophotonics III (Joint)Fibre optics and waveguides II: waveguides (OPD)ITP2 - Light Sources
15:45Nanophotonics and plasmonics II (QEP)Singularities and optical vortices (Joint)Fibre optics and waveguides III: applications (OPD)ITP3 - Imaging for Security and Health
17:30Joint poster session

Detailed programme for Tuesday 24 August

Wednesday 25 August 

09:00Plenary 3: Ken Grattan (City University, UK)
10:15Optical and quantum metrology (Joint)Advances in laser science I (QEP)Trapping and manipulation I (Joint) ITP4 - UK Funding Sources
12:15Lunch Tutorial 3: “TeraHertz in society” Martyn Chamberlain (University of Durham, UK)
13:45Quantum information processing I (QEP)Advances in laser science II (QEP)Trapping and manipulation II (Joint)FASIG I (OPD)ITP5 - EU Funding
15:45Quantum information processing II & quantum coherent control (QEP)  Polarisation optics (OPD)Optics and microfluidics (Joint)FASIG II (OPD)ITP6 - Proposal Concepts
17:15Posters/Exhibition Laboratory tours
18:30Drinks reception (Location: Gallery, Guild Hall)
19:30Conference dinner (Location: Guild Hall)

Detailed programme for Wednesday 25 August

Thursday 26 August 

09:00Plenary 4: Colin Webb (Oxford Lasers, UK)
09:30Refreshment Break  
10:00Quantum optics (QEP)Computational photonics (OPD)Diffractive optics I (OPD)
12:00Atom Photon Interactions (QEP)Advances in TeraHertz technology and quantum metrology IIDiffractive optics II (OPD)
13:30End of conference/lunch

Detailed programme for Thursday 26 August

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