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24 August Programme


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Plenary: Nanostructured metamaterials as a platform for photonic devices

Nikolay Zheludev (University of Southampton, UK)

Location: Nuffield Theatre

Chair: Martin McCall (Imperial College, London, UK)


Refreshments (Location: Staff Social Centre) 


Nuffield Theatre

Arts Lecture Theatre H

Arts Lecture Theatre J

Nuffield Lecture Theatre A



Session: Metamaterials & cloaking (QEP)

Chair: Allan Boardman (University of Salford, UK) and Martin McCall (Imperial College London, UK)

Session: Biophotonics II (Joint)

Chair: Steve Morgan (University of Nottingham, UK)

Session: Fibre optics and waveguides I: special fibres and gratings (OPD)

Chair: Andy Augousti (Kingston University, UK)



Invited: Perfect imaging with positive refraction

Ulf Leonhardt (University of St Andrews, UK)


Invited: Wavefront shaping for new microscopy techniques

Monika Ritsch-Marte, Christian Maurer, Ruth Steiger, Gregor Thalhammer, Alexander Jesacher, and Stefan Bernet (Innsbruck Medical University, Austria)


Invited: Fibre optic long period grating sensors with nanoscale coatings

Stephen James (Cranfield University, UK)

ITP: Welcome

Session: ITP1 - Advanced Lighting





Toroidal moments in electromagnetic metamaterials 

Vassili Fedotov, Thomas Kaelberer, Nikitas Papasimakis and Nikolay Zheludev (Optoelectronics Research Centre, UK)

Differential coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy with linearly chirped femtosecond laser pulses 

Paola Borri1, Francesco Masia1, Peter Watson1, Wolfgang Langbein1, Iwan Moreels2 and Zeger Hens2 (1University of Cardiff, UK, 2Gent University, Belgium)

Orientation-dependent bending properties of selectively-filled photonic crystal fibres 

Yiping Wang1, Wei Jin2, Xiaoling Tan2 and Shujing Liu (1University of Southampton, UK, 2The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, P: R: China)


Rough surfaces and negative refraction 

Philip Ingrey, Keith Hopcraft and Eric Jakeman (University of Nottingham, UK)

Adaptive optics for two-photon and harmonic generation microscopy 

Martin Booth, Anisha Thayil, Alexander Jesacher and Tony Wilson (University of Oxford, UK)

Low-noise supercontinuum generation in a photonic crystal fiber with all-normal dispersion 

Lucy Hooper, Peter Mosley, Alistair Muir, William Wadsworth and Jonathan Knight (University of Bath, UK)



Non-linear properties of cylindrical metallo-dielectric metamaterials 

Petros Farah, Nicholas Gibbons, Fu Min Huang and Jeremy Baumberg (Nanophotonics Center, University of Cambridge, UK)

High resolution, random-access, real-time imaging spectrometry 

Patrick Kelleher1, Jeremy Allington-Smith2, Cyril Bourgenot2, Graham Gibson3, John Girkin2, Andrew Harvey1, Gordon Love2, Graham Murray2, Miles Padgett3 and Claire Poppett2 (1Heriot-Watt University, UK, 2University of Durham, UK, 3University of Glasgow, UK)

Writing 3D photonic structures in polymethyl methacrylate films and optical fibres using 400 nm Femtosecond laser

Patricia Scully1, Shijie Liang1, Joerg Schille2 John Vaughan1, Mohammed Benyezzar1, Dun Liu3 and Walter Perrie3 (1University of Manchester, UK, 2University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany, 3University of Liverpool, UK)


Dynamics of active optical negative-index metamaterials 

Sebastian Wuestner, Andreas Pusch, Kosmas Tsakmakidis, Joachim Hamm and Ortwin Hess (University of Surrey, UK)

A closed loop adaptive optics corrected microscope

Cyril Bourgenot, Christopher Saunter, John Girkin and Gordon Love (University of Durham, UK)

Optical characterisation of germanium optical fibres 

Priyanth Mehta1, Noel Healy1, Neil Baril2, , Mahesh Krishnamurthi ,Pier Sazio1, Venkat Gopalan2, John Badding2 and Anna Peacock1 (1Optoelectronics Research Centre, UK, 2Pennsylvania State University, USA)




Dynamic electromagnetic cloaking: magneto-optics, control, and novel designs 

Paul Kinsler1, Martin McCall1, Alberto Favaro1 and Allan Boardman2

(1Imperial College London, UK, 2University of Salford, UK)

In situ wavefront correction: approaching ideal performance of biophotonics systems 

Tomas Cizmar, Michael Mazilu and Kishan Dholakia (University of St Andrews, UK)

Planar micromachined glass cantilevers utilising integrated Bragg Fabry-Pérot cavities  

Lewis Carpenter, Christopher Holmes, James Gates and Peter Smith (Optoelectronics Research Centre, UK)




Non-specular reflection from surface metamaterials with Dirichlet singularities 

Jörg Götte and Mark Dennis (University of Bristol, UK)

Quantum correlations in co-operative tunnelling processes for a model of biological ion channels 

David Goodwin1, Jason Ralph1, Neil Oxtoby1, Stephen Hall1 and Liam McDaid2 (1University of Liverpool, UK, 2University of Ulster, UK)

The influence of Tm and Yb proportion on multi-step energy transfer process 

Atasi Pal1, Anirban Dhar1, Ranjan Sen1, Anka Schwuchow2, Tong Sun3, and K T V Grattan (1Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute, India, 2Institute of Photonic Technology, Germany, 3City University London, UK)



Lunch (Location: Staff Social Centre)



Tutorial 2: Gentle introduction to cloaking

Allan Boardman (University of Salford, UK) – Location: Nuffield Theatre



Session: Nanophotonics & plasmonics I (QEP)

Chair: Anatoly Zayats (The Queen's University of Belfast, UK)

Session: Biophotonics III (Joint)

Chair: Paola Borri (University of Cardiff, UK)

Session: Fibre optics and waveguides II: waveguides (OPD)

Patricia Scully (University of Manchester, UK)

Session: ITP2 - Light Sources




Invited: Ultrafast plasmonics and coupling in nanoscale structures

Gary Wiederrecht and Jasmina Hranisavljevic (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)


Invited: Reflectometry and time-resolved autofluorescence-methods for investigation of metabolism in the eye

Dietrich Schweitzer(Experimental Ophthalmology University of Jena Bachstr, Germany)


Invited: Optical leaky waveguides as chemo- and bio-sensors

Nick Goddard (University of Manchester, UK)

Low-cost nanosecond OPO for gas spectroscopy and material characterisation

J Gates, P Smith, C Gawith, H Hung, H Major and C Rahlff


Nanostructured plasmonic surfaces for quantum dot SERS 

James Hugall, Jeremy Baumberg and Sumeet Mahajan (NanoPhotonics Centre, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK)

Millions of lenses in a single mammalian eye 

Moritz Kreysing1, Lars Boyde1, Kevin Chalut1, Irina Solovei2 , Borris Joffe2, Leo Peichel3 and Jochen Guck1 (1University of Cambridge, UK, 2LMU Munich, Germany, 3MPI for brain research, Frankfurt, Germany)

Novel technique for measuring dispersion and detuning of a UV written silica-on-silicon waveguide 

Helen Rogers, James Gates and Peter Smith (Optoelectronics Research Centre, UK)


Development and applications of advanced “ns-class” fibre lasers

S Norman1, M Zervas1, 2, B O’Neill3

(1SPILasers UK Ltd, UK, 2Optoelectronics Research Centre,, UK, 3Institute for Manufacturing, 3University of Cambridge, UK)


Random laser action in π-conjugated polymer-based photonic glasses system 

Yujie Chen, Johannes Herrnsdorf, Benoit Guilhabert, Alexander Kanibolotsky, Yanfeng Zhang, Erdan Gu, Peter Skabara, Nicolas Laurand and Martin Dawson (University of Strathclyde, UK)

Higher-order aberrations and reading in human vision 

Laura Young, Gordon Love, Richard Myers and Hannah Smithson (University of Durham, UK)

Pulsed laser deposition of glass on GaAs and channel waveguide fabrication 

Mehrdad Irannejad1, Gin Jose1, Paul Steenson1, Qi Jiang2, Kejia Zhou2, Ziyang Zhang2 and Richard Hogg2, Animesh Jha1 (1University of Leeds, UK, 2University of Sheffield, UK)


Nanovoid plasmon-enhanced photovoltaics 

Niraj Lal1, Fumin Huang1, Bruno Soares1, Jatin Sinha2 , Sumeet Mahajan1, Phil Bartlett2 and Jeremy Baumberg1 (1University of Cambridge, UK, 2University of Southampton, UK)

Nuclei on the move: quantification and early growth of fungal colonies  

Natalie Angarita1,Gabriela Roca2, Cathy Towers3, Nick Read2 and Dave Towers3 (1University of Southampton, UK, 2University of Edinburgh, UK, 3University of Leeds, UK)

Large cross-section diamond waveguides 

Loyd McKnight, Yanfeng Zhang, Zhaoshuo Tian, Erdan Gu, Stephane Calvez and Martin Dawson (Institute of Photonics, UK)

Novel tunable laser spectroscopy instrumentation for breath analysis

Graeme Malcolm (M Squared Lasers, UK)


Discrete and gap solitons in arrays of surface plasmon waveguides 

Andrea Marini, Andriy Gorbach and Dmitry Skryabin (University of Bath, UK)

Full field laser Doppler blood flowmetry using custom made CMOSsensors 

Stephen Morgan1, Diwei He1, Hoang Nguyen1, Barrie Hayes-Gill1, Yiqun Zhu1, John Crowe1, Geraldine Clough2 and Cally Gill2

(1University of Nottingham, UK, 2University of Southampton, UK)

Construction and analysis of arrayed, tuneable optical microcavities

Philip Dolan and Jason Smith (University of Leeds, UK)


Refreshments (Location: Staff Social Centre) 


Session: Nanophotonics and plasmonics II (QEP)

Chair:  Kevin McDonald (University of Southampton, UK)

Session: Singularities and optical vortices (Joint)

Miles Padgett (University of Glasgow, UK) and Mark Dennis (University of Bristol, UK)

Session: Fibre optics and waveguides III: applications (OPD)

Stephen James (Cranfield University, UK)

Session: ITP3 - Imaging for Security and Health






Invited: High-resolution near-field optical microscopy of single nanostructures

Achim Hartschuh(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen, Germany)



Invited: Vortices in nature, particularly optics

Grover Swartzlander(Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)


Invited: Novel microstructured fibres for optical sensing

Marco Petrovich (University of Southampton, UK)


Fluorescence lifetime based assays and sensors for healthcare




Photonic crystal defect cavities coupled to N-V centres in diamond 

Luca Marseglia1, Joanne Harrison1, John Patrick Hadden1, Fedor Jelezko2 and Boris Naydenov2, Andrew Young1, Antony Stanley-Clarke1, Daniel Ho1, Jeremy O’Brien1 and John Rarity1,

(1University of Bristol, UK, 2University of Stuttgart, Germany)

Vortex dynamics in speckle fields with continuous phase removed 

Mingzhou Chen and Chris Dainty (National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland)

Developments in the application and fabrication of photonic microcells 

Natalie Wheeler, Michael Grogan, Philip Light, Francois Couny, Timothy Birks and Fetah Benabid (University of Bath, UK)

Low cost self powered wireless vision system for perimeter security & road monitoring

Nick Walker (Microsharp) (TBC)


Surface plasmon polaritonic crystal polarisation demultiplexer for 4 level polarisation-shift-keying 

Maria Benetou1, Benn Thomsen1, Wayne Dickson2, Polina Bayvel1 and Anatoly Zayats2 (1University College London, UK, 2Queen’s University of Belfast, UK)

Optical angular momentum transfer to trapped liquid crystal droplets 

Simon Hanna and Stephen Simpson (University of Bristol, UK)

Towards implementation of hollow core fibres for surgical applications 

Artur Urich1, Tiina Delmonte1, Katsumasa Iwai2, Mitsunobu Miyagi2, Duncan Hand1 and Jonathan Shephard1 (1Heriot-Watt University, UK, 2Sendai National College of Technology, Japan)


Unpolarized photonic crystal nanocavities 

Isaac Luxmore, Ehsaneh Ahmadi, Nicholas Wasley, James Pecover, Paul Thompson, Maxime Hughes, Mark Fox and Maurice Skolnick (University of Sheffield, UK)

Entangled tangled optical vortices 

Mary Jacquiline Romero1, Jonathan Leach1, Barry Jack1, Mark Dennis2, Steve Barnett3 and Miles Padgett1 (1University of Glasgow, UK, 2University of Bristol, UK, 3University of Strathclyde, UK))

Selective excitation and rotational control of vectorial fibre modes using adaptive optics 

Michael Schmidberger, Moritz Kreysing and Jochen Guck (University of Cambridge, UK)



Compact and SOIcompatible hybrid polarizers 

Muhammad Alam, Mo Mojahedi and J Stewart Aitchison (University of Toronto, Canada)

Vortex lattices in the coherently pumped polariton microcavities 

Dmitry Skryabin and Robin Hartley (University of Bath, UK)

Sub-metre spatial resolution temperature compensated distributed strain sensor 

Mohammad Belal and Trevor Newson (Optoelectronics Research Centre, UK)



Nanoscale Si-SPPwaveguides

Alexey Krasavin and Anatoly Zayats (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)

Optically efficient separation of orbital angular momentum states

Martin Lavery1, Gregorius Berkhout2, Marco Beijersbergen2 and Miles Padgett1 (1University of Glasgow, UK, 2Leiden University and Cosine Science & Computing BV, The Netherlands)

High power laser beam transmission using multiplexed optical fibres for the application of laser ignition

Jack Mullett, Paul Dickinson, Geoff Deardon and Tom Shenton (University of Liverpool, UK)

ULTRAFAST and WHITELASE – TSB funded projects past and present and their impact on technology and business development

John Clowes (Fianium)


Joint Poster Session (Location: Staff Social Centre)




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