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26 August Programme


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Plenary: The birth of the laser

Colin Webb (Oxford Lasers, UK)

Location: Nuffield Theatre

Chair: Robert Eason (University of Southampton, UK)



Refreshments (Location: Staff Social Centre) 


Nuffield Theatre

Arts Lecture Theatre H

Arts Lecture Theatre J


Session: Quantum optics (QEP)

Chair: John Rarity (University of Bristol, UK)

Session: Computational photonics (OPD)

Chair: Mark Molinari (University of Southampton, UK)

Session: Diffractive optics I (OPD)

Gordon Love (University of Durham, UK)


Invited: Coherent control of decoherence: learning about what's going on while doing something about it

Ian Walmsley1, Joshua Nunn1, Matthijs Branderhorst1, Piotr Wasylczyk1, Pablo Londero1, Constantin Brif2, Herschel Rabitz2 and Robert Kosut 3 (1University of Oxford, UK, 2Princeton University, USA,

3SCSolutions Inc, USA)


Invited: Combining Computation With Analysis: The Universality of Resonance

Steven Johnson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)


Invited: Liquid Crystal nanophotonic diffractive optical elements

Timothy Wilkinson, Qing Dai, Ranjith R, KangLee Kwon and Haider Butt (University of Cambridge, UK)



Up on the Jaynes-Cummings ladder of a quantum dot-microcavity system 

Wolfgang Langbein1, Jacek Kasprzak1, Egor Muljarov1, Stephan Reitzenstein2, C Kistner2, C Schneider2, M Strauss2, S Höfling2 and A Forchel2 (1Cardiff University, UK, 2Universität Würzburg and Röntgen Research Center for Complex Material Systems, Germany)

Analytical single- and multi-particle scattering model to simulate the interaction of light with biological tissue 

Lars Boyde, Moritz Kreysing, Kevin Chalut and Jochen Guck (University of Cambridge, UK)

Multiple beam refractive index modification of PMMA 

Dun Liu1, Walter Perrie1, Zheng Kuang1, Patricia Scully2, Shijie Liang2, Alexandra Baum2, Anca Taranu2, Stuart Edwardson1, Eamonn Fearon1, Geoff Dearden1 and Ken Watkins1 (1University of Liverpool, UK, 2University of Manchester, UK)


A quantum dot based photon-spin quantum interface 

Andrew Young1, John Rarity1, Ruth Oulton1, Chengyong Hu1, Arthur Thijssens1 and Sven Hoefling2 (1University of Bristol, UK, 2Universität Würzburg, Germany)

Theoretical prediction of light backscattering properties of plasmonic nanocomposites 

Olivier Deparis1, Martynas Beresna2 and Peter G Kazansky2 (1University of Namur (FUNDP), Belgium, 2University of Southampton, UK)

Adaptive optics for direct writing in three-dimensional nano-fabrication 

Martin Booth, Alexander Jesacher, Richard Simmonds and Tony Wilson (University of Oxford, UK)


Ultrathin optical fibres as spectroscopic tools in cold atom optics

Laura Russell1, Kieran Deasy1, Mark Daly1, Amy Watkins1, Michael Morrissey2 and Sile Nic Chormaic1 (1Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, 2Institute of Electronic Structure and Lasers, FORTH, Heraklion, Greece)

Modelling Biomimetic Moth-eye Structures for Antireflection Surfaces 

Asa Asadollahbaik, Stuart Boden, Marc Molinari, Simon Cox and Darren Bagnall (University of Southampton, UK)

Application of a spatial light modulator to laser machining in the nanosecond regime 

Jonathan Parry1, Rainer Beck1, Nick Weston2, Jonathan Shephard1 and Duncan Hand1 (1Heriot-Watt University, UK, 2Renishaw plc, UK)


Quantum optical theory of surface plasmon polaritons 

Mark Tame1, Daniel Ballester2 and Myungshik Kim1,2 (1Imperial College London, UK, 2Queen’s University Belfast, UK)

Anomalies of supercontinuum light analysed by experiment and simulation 

Eric Rees, Chu Liu, Ssegawa Kiwanuka, Toni Laurila, Clemens Kaminski and Geoff Moggridge (University of Cambridge, UK)

Parallel diffractive multi-beam laser surface micro-structuring 

Stuart Edwardson, Walter Perrie, Zheng Kuang, Dun Liu , Geoff Dearden and Ken G Watkins (University of Liverpool, UK)


Refreshments (Location: Staff Social Centre) 


Session: Atom Photon Interactions (QEP)

Chair: Mark Fromhold (University of Nottingham, UK)

Session: Advances in TeraHertz technology and quantum metrology II (Joint)

Chair: Paul Harrison (University of Leeds, UK)

Session: Diffractive optics II (OPD)

Martin Booth (University of Oxford, UK)


Invited: Storing an alphabet of two-mode squeezed states 

Thomas Fernholz1,2, Kasper Jensen2, Woiciech Wasilewski2,3, Hanna Krauter2, Bo Melholt Nielsen2, Alessio Serafini4, Masaki Owari5, Martin Plenio5, Michael Wolf2 and Eugene Polzik2   (1University of Nottingham, UK, 2Copenhagen University, Denmark, 3University of Warsaw, Poland, 4University College London, UK, 5Universität Ulm, Germany)

Invited: On-chip terahertz systems for imaging and spectroscopy

John Cunningham (University of Leeds, UK)


Invited: Characterization of liquid crystal on silicon displays and its use in diffractive optics

Juan Campos1, Angel Lizana1, Andres Márquez2, Ignacio Moreno3, Claudio Iemmi4, Laura Lobato1 and Maria Yzuel1

(1Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain, 2Univ: de Alicante,Spain, 3Univ: Miguel Hernández, Spain, 4Univ: de Buenos Aires,  Argentina)


Interfacing ions and photons at the single quantum level 

Wolfgang Lange, Matthias Keller, Anders Mortensen, Alexander Wilson, Daniel Crick, Fedja Orucevic, Hiroki Takahashi, Valentina Ruseva, Nicolas Seymour-Smith and Elisabeth Brama,  (University of Sussex, UK)

A novel multiplexed THz spatial modulator for fast, sub-wavelength imaging and spectroscopy 

Jedrzej ("Andrew") Szelc and Harvey Rutt (Optoelectronics Research Centre, UK)


Design and fabrication of large diameter nanostructured microlenses 

Andrew Waddie1, Jedrzej Nowosielski1, Florian Hudelist1, Ryszard Buczynski1, Adam Filipkowski2, Dariusz Pysz2, Ryszard Stepien2 and Mohammad Taghizadeh1 (1Heriot-Watt University, UK, 2Glass Laboratory, ITME, Poland)


A single-molecule optical transistor 

Jaesuk Hwang1,2, Martin Pototschnig2, Robert Lettow2, Gert Zumofen2, Alois Renn2, Stephan Goetzinger2 and Vahid Sandoghdar2 (Imperial College London, UK, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Superconducting single-photon detector system for quantum optics at telecom wavelengths 

Catherine Fitzpatrick1, Robert Hadfield2, Alastair Sinclair1, Chandra Natarajan2, Burm Baek3, Sae Woo Nam3, Shigehito Miki4, Zhen Wang4 and Masahide Sasaki4 (1National Physical Laboratory, UK, 2Heriot-Watt University, UK, 3National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA, 4National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan)

Post-paraxial aberration in the Talbot effect 

James Ring, Jari Lindberg and Mark Dennis (University of Bristol, UK)


Coherent control of atoms on atom chips using STIRAP 

Tadhg Morgan and Thomas Busch (University College Cork, Ireland)

Long-range three-dimensional depth profiling using time-correlated single-photon counting 

Nils Krichel, Aongus McCarthy and Gerald Buller(Heriot-Watt University, UK)

Picosecond laser processing using tunable annular beam generated by a spatial light modulator 

Dun Liu, Walter Perrie, Zheng Kuang, S P Edwardson, Eamonn Fearon, Geoff Dearden and Ken G Watkins (University of Liverpool, UK)


Four-wave mixing in a hot vapour as a source of quantum light

Vincent Boyer and Matthew Turnbull (University of Birmingham, UK)

Entanglement distribution with 810 nm photons through telecom fibres

Evan Meyer-Scott1, Hannes Hübel1, Alessandro Fedrizzi2, Chris Erven1, George Weihs3 and Thomas Jennewein1 (1Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, Canada, 2University of Queensland, Australia, University of Innsbruck, Austria)

Deep diffractive liquid crystal lenses

Gordon Love1, G Berkhout2,3, E Buis2, M Collon2, S Hennemann2, A Kirby1 and J Taylor

(1Durham University, UK, 2Cosine Research BV, The Netherlands, 3Leiden University, The Netherlands)


End of Conference and Lunch (Location: Staff Social Centre)

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